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Get immediate access to hundreds of vetted RFPs and filter for your perfect match with just a few clicks. Too busy? Set an alert to be notified when the right opportunity is listed.

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Receive email alerts about clients who want to buy what you sell. Once you're ready, instantly generate checklist, outlines, and proposals to speed up your proposal process.

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Join an active online community of agency owners and business pros who share expertise, build resources, and partner to grow their business.

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What other agencies are saying about Prosal

Jamie Mueller

Chief Growth Officer

I feel fortunate to be following and benefiting from the work Prosal is doing. We just closed our first deal through Prosal and would never have found it without them.

Mike Utaegbulam

Founder and Creative Director

Prosal makes it easy to find quality proposals in our target industries. We’ve secured several work opportunities from job postings on the platform that we otherwise would not have had access to.

Nancy Plaskett

Executive Director

Claire O’Brien

Lead Strategist

We’ve only been on Prosal for a few weeks, but we’re excited to see all of the opportunities – especially from great organizations who aren’t within our existing networks.

Chris Hammond

Founder and CEO

Simply put, Prosal has simplified the RFP process for CGC. We love finding new opportunities that align with our core values. Prosal makes it easier than ever before. 

Matt Glazer

Founder Blue Sky Partners

In 2022 we set a goal to diversify our revenue and start engaging in an RFP process to identify, bid, and work with social impact clients. We set, what we thought, was an ambitious goal of $250,000 in total revenue for 2023. As of May, we have already closed 5 RFPs we found directly through That has generated over $200,000 in revenue for our boutique consulting agency. We have expanded into Kentucky, West Virginia, and we have our sights on continuing to expand our national presence through The revenue is great but the real value add is how the small team is building a real community and are responsive partners in our work.

Nate Parsons

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Some of the best parts have been the conversations that we’ve started via Prosal. We have had some wonderful conversations and expanded our network because of it. I’m sure we’ll find the right client matches in time.

Jamie Hampton

Founder & Principal

We’ve met some really cool organizations through Prosal who didn’t hire us, but we now know each other, and a relationship has been born. But this week, we proudly accepted a new client that rivals some of our largest contracts. Thanks Prosal!

Chris Battista


Prosal has helped us connect and match with various clients in different sectors. We recently found a great public sector research project through Prosal. We appreciate the community that Prosal is building around the nonprofit and advocacy space!

Gabriella Mutti

Founder & President

I’ve discovered and received invites to new client leads that I would never have known about without Prosal. The feedback I’ve also received is so helpful! I never used to apply to RFPs, but ever since Prosal, I’ve applied to more than I ever did before.

Jen Thomas

Partner & Creative Director

Prosal is a breath of fresh air in the RFP process. Their RFPs are consistently vetted and high quality, with all the information I need to create an informed bid. Access to new leads and the ability to ask questions within the platform have been fantastic.

Carolina Mulvey Videla

Client Solutions

Since our inception, Commvey has collaborated with Prosal and built our relationship with their team. Their attention to detail, customer service, and diversity in RFPs keep us coming back. Most appreciated is the transparency of RFPs with clear due dates, budgets and needs. It streamlines our proposal process, making room for our  business to succeed. We hope to continue working with Prosal in the coming years!

Rodney Little


I'm very excited about Prosal. It’s very user-friendly and makes the process of looking for relevant leads WAY easier for a small business like mine.

Lane Lowe

Co-Founder & VP

The Prosal platform and team have been incredible at helping us find our ideal partners. From the user-friendly tools to the well-vetted organizations, it has been a breath of fresh air to use Prosal. RFPs can often feel daunting, and I can finally say that they don’t thanks to Prosal.

Davis Jackson

Principal, Head of Digital Strategy

Prosal has been a huge source of new business for us. Within months of joining, we closed one new client that essentially pays for our account for the next 100 years. We check the site regularly for new opportunities and enjoy a different take on the RFP process.

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