What’s a Prosal?

Prosal is an outsourcing platform for agencies of all sizes and backgrounds to find high-quality requests for proposals (RFPs) and win new business clients.

In short, Prosal is the solution to RFPs.

What’s a Prosal?

A Prosal is what we call any opportunity uploaded to the platform. They can be RFPs, RFIs, ToRs, or any type of document that describes a project or an intent to create a project.

How it works?

Our founders know too well the problems associated with RFPs: unclear deliverables, murky or missing budgets, opaque processes, and essential information scattered across a document that is too long.

Prosal creates a unique landing page for each opportunity, hosting the original document and summarizing all the important information you need to determine if the opportunity is right for you. This includes budgets, submission deadlines, project timelines, and proposal requirements.

We also publish summary cards on our marketplace and send daily summaries to our agencies via email about the new opportunities posted on Prosal.

Prosal is our solution to the RFP - a standardized, predictable document that makes it easy to read, respond to, and win new clients.

Where do our Opportunities Come from?

We source high-quality opportunities from organizations across the U.S. and internationally daily.

Our opportunities arrive to us through a variety of means:

  • Organizations will come directly to and post on our platform
  • We work with organizations to create and share their RFP
  • Our RFP experts seek high-quality RFPs and ask the issuing organization to post them on Prosal and share it with our network.

No matter the project, you can count that our team has reviewed and vetted each and every opportunity, so you only have good RFPs in your funnel.

How Agencies Can Use Prosal

Agencies have incredible tools to turn Prosal into a comprehensive business development suite. Check out the videos below to see how respondents can make the most of Prosal to win new clients.

To post your RFP, keep scrolling to click to learn more about client accounts.

Prosal Respondent Onboarding Video


Important Buttons for Agencies

I’m Interested

This is our version of an “intent to bid.” Use this button to let the client know you’re interested in their project and to receive updates about it.


Send your custom link for someone else to view the RFP. If they join, we’ll credit you with the referral.


Download the RFP documents available on the page.


Submit your response to the client. Your proposal will be sent through our platform to wherever the client receives responses.


Manage all the RFPs you’re interested in, have applied to and won.


Customize your profile so you are discoverable by everyone on Prosal and can advertise your services.

Thumbs Down

Share feedback on the RFP on the budget, deliverables, timeline, and more.


Comments - Ask the client and our team questions about the RFP.

Prosal Client Onboarding Video

Important Buttons for RFP Client

Post a Prosal

Fill out a short form, and your RFP will immediately go to our growing agency network.


Invite anyone you’d like to view this RFP with your custom link. They will not be required to create an account to see the RFP.

View Interested

See who has downloaded or intends to respond to your RFP.

View Responses

See all the responses to your RFP, write internal notes, and select a winner.

Edit Prosal

Easily update your RFP information, including deadlines and budgets. We’ll automatically notify anyone interested in your RFP.


Manage all the RFPs you’ve posted on Prosal.


Customize your profile, so interested agencies can click to learn more about you and your organization and deliver the best proposal possible.

Strapped for time or looking for additional support? Click to Learn More About our RFP Concierge to end up with the best possible partner with the least effort.

To read more about our founding story and the future of Prosal, visit the About Us section of our website.

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