A Letter to the Prosal Community from CEO Nick Lopez

Nick Lopez

Dear Prosal Community,

Today, I'm reaching out with a heart full of appreciation for each of you - nearly 5,000 strong - who have been the backbone of our Prosal family.

I'm thrilled to share some exciting news: Prosal has secured $1.58M in venture capital funding. This isn't just a financial milestone; it's a testament to our shared vision and relentless spirit. Our investors are more than funders; they are partners who believe in our mission as fervently as we do.

I wanted you, our community of agency owners, consultants, and professionals, to be the first to hear this news. Why? Because you are the reason we've reached this pivotal moment. Your belief, support, and feedback have been the driving force behind our journey. We embarked on this path not just to create a successful business, but to serve and uplift you, our first believers.

Our shared journey began with a simple mission: to help agencies grow when they want and with the clients they want. We know we’ve succeeded because we’ve seen you succeed - winning over $20 million in RFPs, building partnerships and hiring more staff!

But now, our aspirations have grown. We will match you to more relevant and fruitful partnerships, saving you time in your business development process — time that's often lost in bureaucratic tangles or reading endless legalese in RFPs. We aim to help you do what you do best: build relationships, explore new opportunities, and be yourself.

This funding is more than capital; it's the fuel that will enable us to enhance how we find and match projects to you, transforming Prosal into an indispensable tool that makes business development effortless and efficient. It's our commitment to build a powerhouse that works for you, even while you sleep.

I want to recognize our premium users, especially those who have supported us for over one year. Your support has been essential in building Prosal and making this raise possible. When investors doubted our potential and the incumbents who benefit from the status quo challenged us, you remained committed to our mission. Your voice was loud and clear, and we echo it back to you: we are by your side! 

As we look forward, I invite you to continue being the best partners we can ask for. Continue to be the incredible community that has shared your successes, struggles, aspirations, and doubts. Your insights are crucial in shaping Prosal to address your needs, amplify your accomplishments, and make your life as an entrepreneur a bit easier.

In line with our growth and vision, the Prosal founding team is relocating to Chattanooga, TN. This move is a strategic step to build away from the noise, focusing entirely on our dedication to you. We're not just building a company; we're nurturing a movement, and you are an integral part of this journey.

Thank you for being the cornerstone of Prosal. I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful, joyous holiday season.

Warm regards,

Nick Lopez

CEO & Co-Founder, Prosal

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Nick Lopez

Nick has worked as an electro-mechanical engineer in the defense industry and is proficient in tech-focused skills, from 3D modeling to neural programming. Nick grew up in a Latinx household, speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and loves croquetas. His true source of fulfillment is helping build a better future for everyone.

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