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Blue Sky Partners: Pancakes & Muppets Make Great Partners

Alfredo Ramirez

Explore Blue Sky Partners' journey to success, their unique approach to business consultancy, and their fruitful partnership with Prosal.

In the world of business consultancy, it takes a unique blend of passion, innovation, and dedication to set yourself apart from the crowd. Blue Sky Partners, an Austin-based national firm, not only embodies these qualities but also brings a fresh perspective to the industry, fostering long-lasting success for their clients. We spoke with co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Matt Glazer, about his journey, the ethos of Blue Sky Partners, and their experience with Prosal.

The Birth of Blue Sky Partners

Blue Sky Partners was born in 2017 out of a shared vision between three friends - Matt Glazer, Nathan Ryan, and Tim Seaton. All three were leaving their respective positions and would meet for regular pancake breakfasts at Counter Cafe in East Austin. After many partnerships and pancakes, they started thinking about what a more formal partnership would look like.

The trio, inspired by the magic of The Muppets and the concept of Blue Ocean strategies, created Blue Sky Partners over many breakfasts. This partnership was founded with the aim to tailor their services to each client's unique needs, rather than providing cookie-cutter solutions.

Blue Sky Partners: Nurturing Success through Collaboration

Blue Sky Partners is renowned for its unique methodology and its commitment to creating bespoke solutions for each client. They blend concepts of work-life balance, anti-hustle & wellness culture, long-term vision, and informed hires to create a roadmap for success. As Matt puts it, "We work every day with every client to help them do good work for a long time."

The firm's size and remote work policy allow them to work with the best people, regardless of location. Matt told us, “Internally, we believe in supporting our team as a whole human.” With a core staff of 10 and collaboration with subject matter experts, they manage to maintain a healthy client load of 15-20 at a time.

At the heart of Blue Sky Partners' culture are the “Pancakes” – guiding principles that revolve around punctuality, accuracy, client-focus, collaboration, exceeding expectations, knowledge, and clear communication. This ethos, driven by a love for client services, shapes their interactions internally and externally, ensuring a positive experience for all their clients.

Meet Matt Glazer: Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Though he admits he's not fond of talking about himself, Matt’s story speaks volumes about his dedication to helping others succeed.

Matt's diverse career launching new ventures, executive management, and change management set the stage for his role at Blue Sky Partners. His previous roles as the Community Director for WeWork in Central Texas and Executive Director at Austin Young Chamber of Commerce and Progress Texas have provided him with firsthand experience of the challenges businesses face daily. As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence and professor at Trinity University, Matt also helps other aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

His work for groups like Social Innovation Labs is what excites him the most, though he’s confident everyone on his team will have a different answer for an exciting client or project. Matt is proud and leans into the fact that Blue Sky Partners is a boutique firm that recognizes no two clients are alike. While he and his colleagues have had the experience where they received a work product that was clearly templated or reproduced, he never wants his clients to have that experience. His happiest moments are when a client continues to thrive and execute on a strategy, long after their partnership has ended.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Matt is a Texas Native and a huge fan of New Orleans, as well as a marathon runner, a globetrotter, and a passionate teacher.

Prosal and Blue Sky Partners: A Success Story

Blue Sky Partners' journey with Prosal has been marked by significant wins, including landing opportunities with the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia and the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce. Prosal has also helped Blue Sky Partners to become more efficient, effective, and strategic in their RFP response process.

"Having access to so many RFP options has made us more efficient, effective, and strategic in our RFP response process," says Matt. "We've had a chance to rethink our process for evaluating RFPs, drafting RFPs, and creating marketing materials for new audiences."

Blue Sky Partners: Helping Businesses Soar

In the fast-paced world of business, companies need a partner that understands their unique needs and works alongside them to achieve their goals. Blue Sky Partners, with its client-focused ethos and customized approach, does just that.

Supported by Prosal's RFP platform, Blue Sky Partners continues to redefine consultancy services, helping their clients soar to new heights. The success stories of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia and the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce are testament to their commitment to excellence and the power of strategic partnership with Prosal.

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Alfredo Ramirez

Alfredo is the COO and Co-Founder of Prosal. He has over ten years of experience working in the nonprofit industry and previously founded a successful digital strategies business, winning over $2 million in RFPs throughout his career. He is an avid mountain biker and snowboarder and enjoys anything that takes him outdoors.

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