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Firefly Partners: Lighting the Path to a More Equitable Future

Alfredo Ramirez

Firefly Partners is a social good enterprise in Boulder, CO with a national presence delivering accessible websites, marketing campaigns, and inclusive design.

In an era where digital marketing is paramount, Firefly Partners, a social good focused agency, brings a beacon of hope, illuminating a path to a more equitable future. Founded 15 years ago by Jen Frazier, Firefly Partners is a testament to a vision aimed at harnessing the power of marketing for the greater good.

Hailing from Planned Parenthood, Jen envisioned a more flexible, inclusive, and employee-friendly working environment. She laid the groundwork for a remote-work model long before it became necessary in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Firefly Partners maintains its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, but remains a fully remote organization, flying its team to fun retreats, like this year's trip to Cabo!

The Light at Firefly Partners

Firefly Partners exists at the intersection of design, strategy, and technology. With an emphasis on investing in its staff, Firefly’s growing boutique style maintains a team of 15-20 passionate individuals dedicated to amplifying social good. They dedicate themselves to 30 to 45 projects at a time, ensuring their clients are well-served and their missions are well-heard of.

Firefly's company culture and values revolve around three central stakeholders: nonprofits, social good enterprises, and their teams and vendors. They aim to increase impact and profits without overwhelming work or Faustian deals and support their clients in all aspects.

Firefly Stakeholders, Goals, & Offerings

At Firefly, the approach to digital marketing is not just about the end product. It's about creating an inclusive and accessible environment where organizations striving for change can thrive. They are one of the few agencies committed to developing accessible and inclusive work across all fronts, from websites to branding.

Stakeholders Underlying Emotional Goal


To increase impact (positive change in their community) without having to work harder for it.

Social Good Enterprise

To increase profits without compromising their soul.

Our Team and Vendors

To support themselves doing work that matters.

Bright Lights at Firefly Partners

Ming Montoya-Tang, the Managing Partner, is at the helm of this remarkable organization. Ming's Asian-American upbringing instilled in her values of dedication, commitment, and excellence that she carries into her work at Firefly. Although she started her career in television, she supplemented her day job with volunteer work and always dreamed of more impactful work.

Her motivation to change careers was sparked by an explosive 2019 global atmosphere filled with harmful rhetoric and an emerging global pandemic. “I found the overwhelming desire to commit to a career that fostered the growth of mission-driven organizations that would combat the growing tide of fear and ignorance in society,” says Ming. She found that career at Firefly.

Ming's passion for her work shines through in the projects she undertakes. Some of her favorites include VoteRiders, Ruby’s Rainbow, and Community First Foundation, all of which strive to create a more equitable future for the communities they serve. VoteRiders protects the right to vote, Ruby’s Rainbow supports higher education for young adults with Down Syndrome, and Community First Foundation supports Colorado-based nonprofits and founded Colorado Gives Day.

“All of these causes are near and dear to my heart!” Ming told us. With offerings that create more accessible and inclusive websites, marketing campaigns, and educational training, Ming’s work and the rest of Firefly help create a more equitable future for our clients' communities.

However, the path to an equitable future has its challenges. Ming acknowledges that many organizations fail to understand the ROI of marketing and the importance of creating accessible and inclusive digital systems. With 1.8 billion people in the world self-identifying as having a disability, she emphasizes that inclusivity and accessibility are not optional but essential.

Despite these challenges, the rewards of Firefly's work are evident in the communities they serve. The increased traffic and conversions from their analytics dashboards prove that their work is making a difference, contributing to the impact reports their clients put into the world each year.

Beyond work, Ming enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures through their cuisine. She believes that food is a common experience that unites us all, and it's how civilizations express love and compassion.

As Firefly Partners continues its journey, it remains committed to creating a microphone that amplifies the work of essential causes, combating oppression, injustice, and fear. With its inclusive and accessible practices, it lights the path to a more equitable future, genuinely living up to its name as a firefly in the darkness.


Alfredo Ramirez

Alfredo is the COO and Co-Founder of Prosal. He has over ten years of experience working in the nonprofit industry and previously founded a successful digital strategies business, winning over $2 million in RFPs throughout his career. He is an avid mountain biker and snowboarder and enjoys anything that takes him outdoors.

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