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PIE Org: A Nonprofit Consulting Company Building Capacity and Facilitating Equitable Change

Alfredo Ramirez

Learn about Prosal and PIE Org, a nonprofit consulting firm dedicated to building capacity, evaluating impact & promoting equitable outcomes for mission-driven organizations.

In the world of nonprofits who are looking for consulting services, there are many organizations to choose from. However, PIE Org stands out because of its entity status: they are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, just like many of their clients.

PIE Inc was established in 2013 by Dr. Tania Rempert and later reorganized as PIE Org as a 501c3 to more closely align with their mission. This organizational shift has helped deepen PIE Org’s commitment to building the capacity of mission-driven organizations to evaluate impact, promote learning, and facilitate equitable change.

Company Culture & Staff

Over the last ten years, PIE has worked with over 250 nonprofits, foundations, and community networks across a diversity of peoples, geography, and missions. They work in unique ways to promote learning, evaluate impact, and facilitate change in service of equitable outcomes for the communities and families served by their client partners. PIE provides everything from small coaching to large-scale, multi-partner, multi-year engagements. They often work with clients year after year to help them improve their work. PIE's "special sauce" is leveraging the intersection of evaluation, strategy, and capacity-building to leave all clients with new tools, techniques, and insights they can apply throughout their organization.

PIE Org is intentionally staffed to leverage diverse experiences and backgrounds. It currently employs nine women, six of whom identify as BIPOC/persons of color (and it’s hiring!). Incredible diversity continues in staff areas of expertise, which include former nonprofit executives, education executives, community advocates, therapists, teachers, and state and local government staffers. As a result, PIE has advanced expertise leading groups of diverse stakeholders, guiding impactful conversations around planning, equity, and learning, and supporting shared understanding of best practices and next steps within both community-based nonprofits and complex multi-state organizations.

Part of PIE’s success is rooting its work in their values of service and equity framework. They strive to involve stakeholders from all levels of an organization, including board and executive leadership, volunteers and clients, and directly-impacted community members whose lived experiences lend essential insight and expertise. Above all, PIE is a collaborative partner. They do not prescribe a hierarchical, top-down approach; instead, they flexibly collaborate with program stakeholders to ensure the project's needs are served.

PIE only works with mission-driven clients and is often shoulder to shoulder with them on the ground doing the hard work. They seek partners aligned with their collaborative approach who have the desire to learn and improve, rather than just an evaluator or strategic planner who applies a routine process and delivers a cookie-cutter product.

About Nancy Plaskett, Executive Director

Nancy Plaskett is the new Executive Director at PIE, but she’s been involved in PIE since its inception when Nancy hired PIE as her evaluator at Chicago Children’s Museum.

Nancy worked with PIE for many years as a nonprofit client and even served on their Board of Directors for several years. She believes deeply in the mission and tells us, “By officially joining PIE, I can work closely with the Chicago community (and beyond), to which I am deeply committed, having been a CPS educator, a leader in Chicago non-profits, and a network weaver throughout my career.”

As an executive management leader with diverse experience in the non-profit, education, and corporate sectors, Nancy glows when she talks about her new role and how it can help PIE’s clients disrupt systems of oppression, advance equity, and facilitate transformative change. She brings a range of experiences to PIE, including team management and development; evaluation and research; project management; consulting; program and partner relations; and building operational efficiencies.

She talked about one unique project that has been a highlight for her (kept anonymous at her request). “PIE has been working with a local foundation for over five years, doing a combination of external evaluation of their programs, evaluation, and strategy work to support the foundation's strategic direction in their priority areas, including education and workforce development. It's been great to be a thought partner and collaborator with the foundation's grantees, various program officers, and community partners to support ongoing analysis about how they can best invest their dollars, improve their programs, and drive impact.”

Nancy recently joined Prosal, which she said she was very excited about when we reached out to her. She was happy that we made time to meet and learn about PIE and provide the organization access to quality RFPs.

PIE Org is a nonprofit consulting company committed to building mission-driven organizations' capacity to evaluate impact, promote learning, and facilitate equitable change. Their values and diverse staff ensure they work collaboratively with clients to achieve their goals. PIE's focus on evaluation, strategy, and capacity-building makes them unique in nonprofit consulting.


Alfredo Ramirez

Alfredo is the COO and Co-Founder of Prosal. He has over ten years of experience working in the nonprofit industry and previously founded a successful digital strategies business, winning over $2 million in RFPs throughout his career. He is an avid mountain biker and snowboarder and enjoys anything that takes him outdoors.

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